Why Window Blinds ?

Blinds and window coverings, in slats or in combination, make it possible to completely close the light and air flows or to open them completely or partially. The awareness of the different advantages of such blinds and curtains has only recently been recognized, which has led to the fact that a wide variety of windows are processed with different materials. Shades and roller blinds protect against direct sunlight by regulating the penetration of harmful UV rays, cold, spray rain, strong light, thermal radiation and strong winds, while at the same time maintaining privacy.

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The suspended slats are connected by a ladder, which means that these slats can be opened or closed with rotations of around 180 degrees. This turning movement is controlled by a button that limits the opening and closing levels to the desired level.

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Thanks to this ladder system, these slats can be rolled over each other for a full view. This blind mechanism, which is used in the window cladding, makes it easier to operate and gives the interior a beautiful charm. These shades and shades were installed in the State Empire building because of their popularity.

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Vertical blinds with the same mechanism were used for larger openings. The difference is that the movement of blinds is horizontal, but here it is transverse. The special synthetic fabric is superior to this type of blinds and roller blinds due to its flexibility, choice of colors and design. As a fabric, it is easy to care for and takes on the full look of curtains, window coverings or blinds. No noise is generated when moving. Roller blinds and automatic roller blinds are now in use to facilitate movement with the remote control switch.

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